Take Credit Cards Virtually Anywhere

Simply having a storefront is not enough to run a successful, modern small business. Your business needs to be capable of reaching potential customers on-the-go while still allowing them to use their preferred payment method. With Group ISO mobile merchant services solutions, you can accept card payments in any location. As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or a Group ISO wireless terminal, you can access all of the functionality you would expect from an in-store card reader. Plus, each of our mobile credit card processing devices is supported by Group ISO’s in-house support team. When you become a Group ISO customer, your success is our success.

Merchant using a mobile credit card processing solution.
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Simple, Flexible, and Secure

Process credit cards using your smartphone, tablet, or our wireless terminals. Our mobile card readers work with a variety of Android™ and Apple® devices. Mobile credit card processing is safe, secure, and easy!

  • Process credit cards with Apple® and Android™ devices
  • Email receipts
  • Secure and encrypted
  • Easy to use
  • Light and portable
  • Key-in or swipe transactions
  • 100% wireless

Secure and Powerful Mobile Payment Solutions

Group ISO mobile payment products are built with the same attention to detail as all of our other devices. Whether your business uses a Group ISO mobile credit card reader or collects payments through your Apple™ or Android™ devices, you can feel confident your company data will remain secure since every Group ISO payment solution is PCI-compliant secure. Our mobile credit card processing devices also give you the option of collecting payments by either swiping the customer’s card or typing in their information. At Group ISO, we strive to delight your customers and make the lives of your employees easier with user-friendly and lightweight mobile merchant services solutions. 

Make Mobile Payments a Part of your Company’s Technology Strategy

You can integrate Group ISO mobile payment processing solutions into your company’s larger business software ecosystem. From ERP to CRM systems, the information you collect from every transaction on your mobile payment device flows into your other software systems, giving you unprecedented visibility and access to insights that drive major business decisions. 

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