At Group ISO, we know merchant services are just one component of your company’s larger financial operation. That’s why we have developed merchant services payment technology that can be integrated into your company’s ERP/accounting software systems with your payment processing. Whether your company uses Sage, NetSuite, QuickBooks, or Microsoft Dynamics GP, we have created integrated payment solutions capable of streamlining your back office and showing your team where your money is coming from and where it is going on a minute-by-minute basis.

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Sync Up!

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We want our customers to integrate their most used applications so workflows are efficient and smooth.

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ERP integration

Connect your Accounting /ERP Software like QuickBooks™, Sage® & NetSuite® and Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) to our Powerful Module.

Integrated payments means improved cashflow

Seamless Integrated Payment Processing

If your company is like many others, there’s often some level of unease when you’re planning to integrate a new solution into your existing software systems. At Group ISO, we’ve worked to remove much of this uncertainty. We developed our merchant services solution with a developer-friendly API to ensure it can be seamlessly integrated into your company’s financial management system. Whether your business is small or large, low or high-risk, our in-house team assists you with the services you need.

Eliminate Double Entry

Save time and work on more important things!

Fraud-Fighting Tools

Stay safe and secure

Easy, Customizable Invoicing

Tailor to your needs

Recurring Billing

Don't ever miss out on a payment!

Save Time, Save Money

Business-to-business companies can benefit from lower payment processing charges with Level II and Level III processing. Level II and Level III processing requires additional data, such as a customer’s zip code and item description. It even pre-populates the fields, which will save your staff time, reduce errors, and, ultimately, help your business save money. 

A Customer-Centric Experience

Our payment processing experts are always at your service. They’ll ensure our merchant services solution is successfully integrated into your financial management software. And, they will be available to field your questions and address any concerns you have throughout your time as a Group ISO customer. It’s a part of our commitment to offering an unrivaled customer experience. 

If you’re exploring integrated payment solutions,  we’re here to help. Book a free consultation today!

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