A company’s inventory that uses firearms merchant services

Merchants selling firearms, ammunition, and related accessories must go through strict processes to start and maintain their companies.

Group ISO offers firearm credit card processing for help with collecting payments from your customers. We can also help with debit card processing, ACH payments, and more.

Group ISO is here to help your firearms business thrive. Whether you need help with ERP integrations, simplifying your back office processes, or payment processing, we’re here for your business. Schedule your free consultation today.

Group ISO Proudly Offers Firearms Credit Card Processing Services

Ammunition sold through firearms credit card processing

Group ISO provides merchant services to companies throughout the vast firearms industry, including companies selling:

  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Firearm accessories
  • Weapons manufacturers
  • Non-firearm weapons such as knives, swords, etc.

Everything Group ISO Offers

Competitive Low Rates
Our extremely competitive rates let you spend less money on fee-related expenses.

Accept Many Payment Types
We can help your business accept debit cards, credit cards, ACH, and other payment types.

Lightning-Fast Approvals Our company can get companies approved in under 24 hours.
Become PCI-Compliant

Our free PCI compliance services give you peace of mind.

A Wide Range of POS Equipment

POS equipment, card readers, and other tools you need to collect payments.


Group ISO seamlessly integrates with accounting and payment-related tools your business uses each day.

How to Apply

Easily apply online

Group ISO offers a fast and easy online application process.

Receive a free consultation

Schedule a 100% free consultation. Our friendly consultants are ready to walk you through everything.

Start collecting payments

Begin doing business and accepting payments with ease.


Does Group ISO help my business with compliance?

Yes, absolutely. Group ISO offers free PCI compliance. We’ll also be with your business every step of the way to assist with other firearms merchant services compliance-related situations.

Are firearms businesses considered high risk?

Traditional financial providers and institutions consider the firearms industry as high risk. This risk can come from chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.<

What types of payment solutions does Group ISO offer to gun shops?

Group ISO provides a variety of secure and compliant payment processing solutions tailored specifically for firearms businesses. These include credit and debit card processing, online payment gateways for e-commerce sales, and POS systems that are customizable for firearm retailers. All our solutions adhere to the regulations specific to the firearms industry and ensure smooth, efficient transactions.

Count on Group ISO

Navigating the landscape of firearms sales can be tough without a reliable merchant services provider in your corner. At Group ISO, we know how to ensure your transactions are secure, quick, and compliant. Contact us today and see how our merchant services can help your firearms business grow.

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