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Lady swiping credit card at a counter
What Is Level 2 and Level 3 Credit Card Processing?

As a business you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce your operating costs. It’s only natural — it’s how you’re able to reinvest those savings to drive customer value and remain competitive. Ideally, you’ll also want to take

Group ISO Now Offering Poynt

Poynt has created two smart terminals to help small businesses: Poynt Smart Terminal (two screens) and Poynt 5 (one screen). The Poynt systems are perfect for retailers, quick service restaurants, lodging and more. Both systems allow your customers to pay

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What is Level 2 and Level 3 Processing? This Video Explains

You accept credit cards from your business partners. Are you getting level 2 or level 3 credit card processing? What exactly is it? We break it down for you. (You may be missing out on rate savings). Watch the video:

no cash
Cash Only Business? How about Credit Card Only?

Your fears of seeing the “cash only” sign posted on the window of the cafe you were eyeing has came true. You usually only carry plastic in your wallet so, unfortunately, today is not your day that tropical fruit smoothie

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Group ISO is Exhibiting at the SEMA SHOW 2017

Group ISO is extremely excited to be exhibiting at this year’s SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Oct. 31 through Nov. 3, 2017. We’ll be showcasing our payment processing solutions to all the automotive specialty servicers and other industry

Why Does My Online Store Need an SSL Certificate?

Shopping on the internet has become a standard practice by millions around the world. You get that, which is why you have an online store ready for anyone to purchase your products or services. While doing research for building your

Which Credit Card Machine is Right for Me?

Whether you are starting up a new business venture, or seeking to upgrade your payment processing equipment, choosing the right machine is crucial! There are a multitude of terminals out there, from countertop-style, to full-fledged point of sale (POS) systems.

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Lady swiping credit card at a counter
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