OC’s Largest Mixer 2017

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to stop by our booth this year at Orange County’s Largest Mixer! We had a blast mingling with other local business owners and entrepreneurs.   Until next year…

Move over Mobile Payments?

Is voice going to take over mobile payments? With the immense popularity of voice assistant devices that utilize artificial intelligence, such as Amazon’s Echo, there is certainly room for growth in this space. Not only can you check the weather

Gift Card Trends

Gift cards have become a staple when it comes to gift-giving. The ease of purchase and use have made gift cards a go-to item for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. And now, digital gift cards are becoming more popular

Would You Order Food From a Robot?

Table service can make or break a restaurant experience. For example, exceptional waiters are friendly, get your order correct and promptly deliver your meal. On the opposite end, however, you may find yourself with a rude server or a wrong order.

Credit Card Machine Rentals – Are they Worth It?

A small business owner knows the value of spending wisely and cutting out unnecessary costs. For example, ensuring that energy efficient appliances are used wherever possible, outsourcing labor and negotiating rent are just some ways to increase the bottom line.

How Do I Accept EBT Cards at my Store?

We get a lot of calls from merchants telling us they’d like to get setup to accept EBT cards at their stores. That makes a lot of sense seeing that the USDA reported that there were approximately 46.5 million Americans

Getting your Customers Ready for EMV

So you’ve upgraded your credit card terminal and you’re now EMV-ready — congratulations! You are now on your way to reducing and/or eliminating credit card fraud liability. But maybe your customers aren’t so EMV-ready savvy yet and aren’t sure how

Mobile Merchant Credit Card Processing

The beauty of modern business is the ability to conduct it virtually anywhere. Think about it — you have foodtrucks roaming the streets, vendors selling goods at farmers markets, and contractors and service people coming to directly to your home.

How to Shop for a POS System

A large portion of starting a new business goes to operational expenses. An often overlooked aspect or one that is typically postponed to the last stages of the business setup, is the payment processing. If you run a retail shop,

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