Move over Mobile Payments?

By Frmorrison at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Is voice going to take over mobile payments? With the immense popularity of voice assistant devices that utilize artificial intelligence, such as Amazon’s Echo, there is certainly room for growth in this space. Not only can you check the weather and news with your voice, Amazon’s Alexa is capable of allowing you to order dinner with your voice, too.


How does that work, exactly? Alexa simply pulls your default Amazon payment information to pay for your order. As you may have guessed, yes, unintended orders can go through, like when this little girl ordered a dollhouse mansion and four pounds of sugar cookies. Luckily, you can require a code before allowing orders to be completed.


Though, we can’t credit Amazon for being the first to offer voice payments. Google already had hands free payment options with their Hands Free app, but currently only running in a limited amount of Silicon Valley stores as during its limited public pilot.


It is clear that this will be the wave of the future.



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