Credit Card Machine Rentals – Are they Worth It?

A small business owner knows the value of spending wisely and cutting out unnecessary costs. For example, ensuring that energy efficient appliances are used wherever possible, outsourcing labor and negotiating rent are just some ways to increase the bottom line.

Sometimes, leasing or renting equipment proves to be a good option for businesses looking to save some extra money, but when it comes to credit card terminals, our advice is DON’T. In the merchant services industry, there are many processors who give their clients the choice of leasing a credit card machine. The only problem with this is that the fees associated with renting will far surpass the actual value of the terminal.

In our opinion, it is generally best to purchase the credit card machine outright to avoid overpaying. Further, you will own the terminal outright and won’t have to return the machine to the process if you decide to switch service providers (however, always make sure to read the fine print as this may vary from processor to processor). Of course, at Group ISO, we do not share in this practice. We offer our merchants terminals at competitive rates for them to buy and own outright.

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