3 Easy Ways to Increase Donations

Increase donations

Increase donations



How would you like to increase donations to your church or nonprofit organization? Well, we have three ways you can do that!

1) Create a website and add a donation button. It is simpler than you think! Ask your webmaster to add donation buttons that link to a payment gateway to encourage more donations. Be sure to make them visible on all pages of the website.

2) Take donations via a wireless credit card machine. If you’re out in the field, or can’t connect to a phone line, this is a great option. Receipts can also be printed.

3) Have a smart phone? Better yet, snap on a mobile card swiper to your iPhone, iPad or Android device to accept donations.


Before you can begin, you’ll need to get started with a payment processing company — Group ISO can help! Call us now at 1-800-722-4476 to learn how!

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