An image of a credit card with bubbles showing potential ecommerce chargebacks
5 Simple and Proven Ways to Prevent Chargebacks

It’s difficult to find something more stressful for business owners than chargebacks. A chargeback occurs when your customer disputes a charge from your business. In response, a bank removes the funding from this customer’s purchase from your business account. If

A group of people discussing B2B payment solutions
6 Amazing Ways B2B Payment Solutions Help Your Business

Business-to-business (B2B) companies can win over and keep customers with cutting-edge B2B payment solutions. But what makes these payment solutions so beneficial? As leaders in the merchant services industry, Group ISO has the answers. In this post, you’ll learn about

Man in a white shirt looking at his laptop in front of him with a phone in his hand
How to Reduce or Prevent Chargebacks

Chargebacks are essential in the financial industry to preserve public confidence in credit and debit card transactions. Through chargebacks, consumers are protected against fraud and errors when using their cards.  Businesses, on the other hand, must always find ways to

A circle showing how integrated solutions help your business.
B2B Integrated Payment Solutions: How Can They Help Your Business?

As transaction volume and payment workflows become complex, a business owner must manage these hurdles to maintain a healthy relationship with suppliers, regulators, and customers. For this, the business needs B2B integrated payment solutions to streamline its back office and

A person avoiding CNP transactions by presenting a card
Card-Not-Present CNP Transactions: Why You Should Allow Them

Cash, checks, credit, and debit cards – there’s no shortage of ways for people to buy products and services. When you think of traditional payment methods, someone presenting a card, cash, or check probably comes to mind. However, with ecommerce

Lady swiping credit card at a counter
What Is Level 2 and Level 3 Credit Card Processing?

As a business you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce your operating costs. It’s only natural — it’s how you’re able to reinvest those savings to drive customer value and remain competitive. Ideally, you’ll also want to take

Customer making a payment at checkout
What Are Merchant Services and How Can They Help Your Business Grow

Quality merchant services are crucial to the success of virtually every business, however, far too many owners are in the dark about what they are and how they impact your bottom line. If you find yourself wondering ‘what are merchant

Woman paying with a mobile phone
Why your Business Should Offer NFC Mobile/Contactless Payment Options

Many customers have come to expect speed and convenience when making payments in today’s fast-paced world. So, you may miss out on a significant amount of business if you can’t keep up with the needs of your customer base, which

Customer making a payment
What to Look for When Choosing a High Risk Merchant Account Provider

Certain industries and businesses can be deemed riskier than others, making it difficult to find financial institutions willing to work with your company. Often the ones that are willing to work with you may be looking to take advantage of

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