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Your fears of seeing the “cash only” sign posted on the window of the cafe you were eyeing has came true. You usually only carry plastic in your wallet so, unfortunately, today is not your day that tropical fruit smoothie you had a hankering for. We all get annoyed when we don’t have cash handy to pay for things, so it is especially refreshing to hear about stores like Two Forks– a restaurant that ONLY accepts digital payments.

Yes, Two Forks, a fast casual eatery located in New York, has removed cash as a payment option. The big move actually increases efficiency for the restaurant as it reduces the time it takes for workers handle cash. Owner Michael Kaplan also notes a cashless system moves the lines faster, too.

Cashless Payments from CNBC.

If you’re ready to take the cashless plunge, contact Group ISO at 800-722-4476! If you don’t want to make that commitment, but are looking to add credit cards along with cash as a form of payment, we can help, too.

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