If you own a business, you’re probably aware of what a chargeback is. If not, a chargeback is simply when  a customer disputes the charge/purchase with their issuing bank.

There are many techniques you can implement to help you minimize the amount of chargebacks your business may receive.

charge backs

Tip # 1 

Use address verification (AVS) and verify the security code on the back of the card.

Tip # 2

Ensure your descriptor matches the name that your business is known as. a descriptor is what a customer will see on their credit card statement when they’ve made a purchase from you.  if they see a descriptor they don’t recognize, they may think they did not make that purchase and attempt to initiate a chargeback.

Tip #3

Whenever possible, get the cardholder’s signature or imprint of the credit card at time of purchase.

Tip #4

Keep your customer informed of the status of their purchase if you are shipping them their purchase.

Tip #5

Ship orders to the billing address of the credit card with delivery confirmation such as a signature whenever possible.

Tip #6

Use caution when accepting credit cards from various countries; obtain as much customer contact information as possible.

Tip #7

Include an itemized invoice for all purchases

Tip #8

Ensure your refund policy matches the nature of the business; and issue refunds when possible.

Tip #9

Include 2 forms of customer service contact information such as a phone number and email address.

Tip #10

Respond to all chargebacks– do not miss an opportunity to get your money back.

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