Group ISO now offers expanded electronic check processing and ACH services. Thanks to a new partnership with Global eTelecom, Inc., merchants have the opportunity to quickly and reliably accept and process both paper and electronic checks in a variety of environments, including retail, business-to-business (B2B), and eCommerce. Accepting paper checks and electronically ACH debiting a checking account have never been safer or easier.

To electronically deposit paper checks, the check is scanned through a reader connected to a virtual terminal or point of sale system. The consumer’s checking account is electronically debited and the funds are transferred to the merchant. No more trips to the bank!

To ACH debit a checking account, the consumer authorizes the action to their account. Once the transaction information is uploaded to Global eTelecom through a virtual terminal, payment gateway, API, or batch file, the customer’s account is debited and funds are transferred to the merchant.

Group ISO’s expanded electronic check processing solutions not only streamline and secure the ACH process, but provide a variety of other benefits. The service is easily integrated into most existing point-of-sale hardware, banking and check processing fees are eliminated, and bad checks are reduced with the Verification and Guarantee options. Accountability is a snap with detailed online reports of all electronic check processing activity, and time-consuming trips to the bank are a thing of the past!

Other check processing services offered include: Check 21, Checks-By-Web and Tele-Debit.
Group ISO merchant services is a merchant service provider committed to business growth through the use of their merchant solutions. Group ISO’s solutions include credit card, debit card, and check processing services, as well as merchant account services that permit businesses to accept payment through terminals and credit card processing software.

Global eTelecom (GETI) provides proprietary electronic Check processing and Gift/Loyalty services to over 55,000 merchants nationwide. GETI’s products are marketed through sales channels of banks, independent sales offices and credit card processors. GETI operates under the guiding principle that the highest priority is to protect the ISO-merchant relationship and takes great pride in exceptional service and support levels to assist valued partners. Global eTelecom’s value added solutions include: Electronic POS Check Conversion, Paper Guarantee, ACH Debit, Checks-By-Phone, Checks-By-Web, Check 21 Remote Deposit Capture, mobile Tele-Debit and Gift/Loyalty Card Processing. GETI is part of Sage North America. For information, please visit

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