If you are looking into accepting credit cards, you need to make sure you obtain the proper equipment! First, you need to identify what kind of credit card processing you will do. Will you be processing credit cards online, over the phone, through fax/mail, or in person? If you are taking cards over the phone, or through fax/mail, a virtual terminal will suit you best. However, if you operate a retail store front where customers will pay you in person, a credit card machine is what you’ll need.

Actually, depending on your exact business type, you may need a POS (Point of Sales) system or a credit card reader for your smart phone or tablet. At Group ISO Merchant Services, we offer a variety of credit card processing machines and equipment for your business’ specific needs.

Credit card processing equipment options

  • Credit card terminals are ideal for: those with a physical store-front. Machines such as VeriFone and FirstData have the ability to accept credit and debit cards and print receipts. Durable, simple and secure.
  • Mobile credit card swipers for cell phones and tables, best for: massage therapists, handy men, craft shows, trade shows, food vendors/food trucks, door-to-door sales, fundraisers, outdoor events, or any mobile merchant. Swipe a credit card, process the payment and email the receipt to your client; it’s that simple and truly economical.
  • POS Systems are ideal for: restaurants, bars, bakeries, cafes and more. Touch screen makes it easy to ring up customers and process credit cards quickly. Customize your system with your store’s own items.

If you have any questions about credit card machines and how to connect them to a merchant account, contact Group ISO at 800-722-4476 to learn more.

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