Any savvy business owner knows that you never want to limit how a customer pays you. So in addition to accepting credit card payments, it’s also very wise to accept checks electronically. There are many benefits for accepting checks electronically versus traditional method of accepting checks.

check reader

With electronic check processing, you are able to process a check though a check reader or check imager, just like you would a credit card. This face-to-face check acceptance is also known as “POS Conversion.”  Your customer hands you a regular check, you process it through the reader or imager, hand it back to customer and your funds will be electronically deposited to your bank account within normal processing time. The great thing about POS Conversion is that you have protection from bad checks, also known as Guaranteed Funding.

Benefits of POS Conversion / Point of Sales Check Processing

  • Speed up checkout times (this means shorter lines for your customers!)
  • No more bad checks
  • No need to deposit checks as funds are deposited electronically
  • Ideal for face-to-face transactions

This check processing service is deal for many business types like grocery stores, nail salons, spas, dry cleaners, medical professionals, or any retail store for that matter.

If you have any questions about check processing services, contact Group ISO to learn more: 1-800-722-4476.

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