Credit card processing

It’s lunchtime and you decide to swing by your favorite burger join and buy the daily special that you always get. You notice that today they have a milk shake special; now usually you order the same meal each time but the milkshake looks pretty delicious—you decide to buy one anyway.

The above is a prime example of a concept known as “impulse buying,” and it happens much more of the time at a business that accepts credit cards. Why? Well, there’s a pretty simple answer to that. Cash is limiting; you can literally only spend as much as you carry and let’s face the truth – these days, more people spend with their debit and credit cards. We all know how easy it is to spend more with plastic since we have access to much more money with them.

Consider another scenario: you’re taking your wife out for Sunday brunch and she wants to take a stroll down the street with you afterwards. During the walk, you both pass by various boutiques and your wife points to a purse she sees in the window. She loves it and since her birthday is approaching you think to yourself, “what the heck, she loves the purse and this would make a great gift anyways.” You notice the card acceptance logos near the register and hand the clerk your card.

So if you’re not accepting credit cards at your business, then you’re simply missing out on these impulse buys! The truth is, setting up your business to accept credit cards is extremely simple and fast. At Group ISO, we even offer low cost credit card machines and Point of Sales (POS) systems that cater to your business needs, whether you own a clothing shop, bakery, pub or beauty salon. Call us to learn how to get started: 1-800-722-GISO (4476).

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