You probably have a stack of loyalty cards in your wallet now or have received many a gift card from your favorite shops.  You understand the value of providing your customer base with loyalty cards and offering the option to buy gift cards – creating incentives for repeat customers and new clients! If you own a business and want to learn how you can offer gift and loyalty cards to your customers, read on.


Get more business with gift and loyalty/reward cards.


To setup your business with gift and loyalty cards, simply contact a company like Group ISO that offers this service. With Group ISO, there are just 3 steps to personalizing your gift cards:


1)      Select your package of number of business cards, display hangers, card holders and table tents.

2)      Choose a preprinted design.

3)      Select a font.


You can always customize your card with your own logo and graphics. And did you know that you can track points, purchases or visits with loyalty and rewards card? You can even add special percentage off discounts for your most loyal of customers. All card credits may be activated at your point-of-sale system for any amount you choose.


If you want to bump your business to the next level and gain repeat business, earn new customers and boost sales, contact a staff member at Group ISO to learn more about getting started with gift cards and loyalty cards. Call us today at 1-800-571-2606.

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