bbposIf you’ve stumbled upon this article, you’re probably a savvy business owner looking for information on accepting credits cards with your smart phone. You have made the right first steps in doing your research. Processing credit cards through your smart phone is a fairly new concept but it’s been gaining in popularity, fast. It’s easy, convenient, and has a low-initial investment (in other words, you won’t have to purchase an expensive wireless credit card machine).

So, how does it work? Overall, when you process a credit card via your smart phone, you’ll need a processing application and an optional card swiper. You’ll first need to contact a merchant services provider (like Group ISO Merchant Services) and ask them if they offer mobile credit card processing and if their swipers are secure and encrypted. If they do offer mobile credit card processing, ask them if your smart phone works with their service and the costs associated with it. Basically, once you’re approved for a merchant account and receive your optional credit card swiper, you simply download the application to install, plug-in the swiper in your headphone output jack, open the app and swipe or key-enter the credit card information.

Although you can process credit cards by key-entering a credit card number through an application on your mobile device, it is safer and actually costs less to swipe the credit card –this is called a face-to-face swiped transaction.

Are you ready to start accepting credits with your smart phone? It’s fast, safe and secure! Contact Group ISO today to learn more and to see if your device is compatible. 1-800-722-GISO (4476).

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