These days, people expect convenience wherever they go. That includes how they can order food from a restaurant.

You’ve probably noticed some big chains allowing their guests to order online and you have more than likely ordered food online, too! You have a restaurant and you don’t want to miss out on a sale just because you don’t have online ordering or some fancy website (that could cost you hundreds or thousands to build). You also don’t want to spend outrageous fees either – some online ordering services can charge up to 30% of the transaction!

So you want online ordering?

You’re making a wise business decision now that you have decided to integrate online ordering to your business model. Did you know that as of 2011 there are 82.2 million smart phone users in the United States? Did you know that 81.7% of all smart phone users used the web browser and downloaded mobile apps? So wouldn’t it make sense to go with an online ordering service provider that also works with a mobile application?

Your thinking, “Yes, but wouldn’t that be really expensive?” The answer is yes and no. Again, many existing online and mobile restaurant ordering systems charge high rates per transaction or have high monthly fees (sometimes both). But Virtual Waiter® has changed all of that.

foodservice payment

Virtual Waiter® is your comprehensive, affordable restaurant ordering solution

–   Online ordering and mobile ordering (Android and Apple smart phone users download the app for free and find you from ANYWHERE) for take-out or delivery

–   Table-side (dine-in) ordering using tablets

–   Online reservations with NO per reservation fee

–   No website required!

–   Guests can pay with their credit card online or on the free app and it’s 100% secure

–   Easy-to-use: order is processed and printed right at your restaurant

–   Low rates, month-to-month service: PAY AS YOU GO

–   We’ll even upload your menu for you

Cut costs, shorten lines and wait times and gain NEW customers who only prefer online ordering or mobile ordering.

As their exclusive partner, we are currently offering a 60 day trial for Virtual Waiter®. Call us at 1-800-571-2606 to setup a live demo and your free trial.

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