Are you a business that’s on-the-go? There are countless of business professionals working in the field such as repairmen, food trucks, plumbers, massage therapists, pet groomers, door-to-door sales, food caterers, you name it. So what happens when you’ve finished the job and your clients pulls out her credit card to pay you? Will you be prepared to accept it? Stop turning away customers and start accepting credit cards!

Perhaps you are wondering what kind of options do mobile businesses have when it comes to accepting credit cards? You’ve got to love today’s technology because now there are a wide range of options and methods for accepting credit cards from your clientele, even if you’re not operating in fixed location.

Your solution: “wireless or mobile credit card processing.” No phone landline required, no wires. To accept payments on-the-go, you have these options:

1)      Using a wireless credit card machine: machines like the Charge Anywhere® Spec tra terminal have 100% wireless capability, using GPRS technology. They work just like your standard terminals and can even print receipts.

2)      Using your smart phone: Yes, you can process credit cards with your smart phone. This is one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods you can use for your business if you don’t want to invest in a wireless credit card machine. The RoamPay Swiper and App (free) works with most smart phones like the iPhones, Android-powered phones, and even Blackberry phones. The MagTek iDynamo works on Apple® products including iPhones, iPods and even iPads.

Both of these options come with secure and durable credit card swipers and user-friendly apps, not to mention both are customizable. You swipe your customers’ cards, and they’ll get their receipt email to them – it’s really as simple as that.

If you want more information on mobile credit card processing, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-571-2606. We can walk you through the features and our mobile bundled solutions.

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