The Only True Integration of QuickBooks®

  • Accept card present and card not present
  • Accept credit card, ACH, Check 21 and eCheck transaction
  • Gateway Sync
  • Split payments feature breaks payments into multiple billing
  • Works with these QuickBooks® Windows versions: QuickBooks® Desktop (Pro, Premiere and Enterprise), QuickBooks® POS, QuickBooks® Online
  • PCI compliant database protects valuable credit card and
    customer information
  • Streamline accepting payments though one integrated
    user interface
  • Accept multiple payment types
Quickbooks integration

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Have all the functionality of QuickBooks® without actually being in QuickBooks®.

erp software integration

Rethink the Link Between POS and Accounting.

Everything you can do in QuickBooks® can be done in InstantAccept™ from any location where you have internet access,allowing you to manage everything from one integrated user interface. Many merchants require a need for a single, intuitive application which allows them to access and assign open invoices or print sales receipts.

While using InstantAccept™, QuickBooks® is not required to be open. Merchants simply open InstantAccept™ and begin processing payments, creating customers, open invoices or email invoices. InstantAccept™ gives you this freedom all while updating your information in QuickBooks® in Real-Time. Our Gateway Sync function allows merchants to assign payments to open invoices or to sales receipts in need of completion. The merchant can easily create a new customer, a new invoice or a sales receipt for fast importing into QuickBooks®.


What operating systems are supported?

Windows. We currently do not support MAC operating systems.

Is Next Day Funding available?

Yes. Contact us to setup Next Day Funding.

Can I process Gift Cards?

Yes. Gift Cards can be processed if they have the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Can I choose my end of day batching?

No. The gateway is setup to batch automatically each evening. Please contact your current merchant processor for a specific batch time.

How do I get my credentials?

InstantAccept will send you an auto-generated email with your username and other pertinent information.